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You need something captured.
I shoot and edit all types of photo & video.
See where this is going?


Need a graphic for Instagram? Grad party invites? Event flyers? Something else?
Just say the word.


You’re already busy enough!
I can cover all the bases for your websites, blogs, and social media management.


Brand identity. Event promo. Scheduled posts. Target audiences. Marketing.
Pick a card… or a few!


So, you've got an idea of what I do and the content I can create, but how well can I do what I do? Who have I worked with? And what does the content that I produce even look like?

I mean, if you're ready to hire me after scrolling just a few inches down the homepage, AWESOME! Hit me up and let's make it happen!

But just in case you're a little apprehensive, or just plain curious, you're more than welcome to check out all kinds of projects I've worked on in the past. They're all stashed in my portfolio, and it's always expanding. Go check it out!

(I'm actually in the process of redesigning and updating my portfolio, so it's offline at the moment. But for now, if you hit the button below, you can check out the client site for the photography projects I've done! Check back soon to see my updated full portfolio!)

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