Chris Dickens

C R E A T I V E   S P E C I A L I S T
Owner & Director – CD Studios

23 Years Old • Valparaiso, IN
Sushi Lover • Coffee Shop Junkie • Longboard Fanatic • Travel Enthusiast

E X P E R I E N C E:

Video Production
7+ Years

Graphic Design
6+ Years

7+ Years

Web Design
5+ Years

Social Media Marketing
4+ Years

S K I L L S:

Final Cut Pro X





Background info.

I’ve always had a passion for creating, accompanied by a keen sense for marketing and promoting.
What began as a hobby, I’ve now turned into a way of life.

Throughout my whole life, I was always creating something. I constantly found myself taking pictures of everything, editing home videos, promoting events, designing logos or posters, and picking up on the best ways to reach people with information and ideas. Over the years friends and family began to ask if I could do certain projects here and there, and I began to realize the value in the talents and passions that I’ve been given. I decided that I didn’t want to keep them to myself, and I wanted to share them with anyone and everyone who needed them.

But an idea is only an idea until you breathe life into it.
That’s when CD Studios went from a distant thought, to a brand new reality.

I put my plan into action and began building a client base and learning as much as I could. I put everything I had into it. Starting any business isn’t easy, but I embraced the process and learned a ton! I’m very determined, I don’t give up, and I don’t do anything without giving it my all. Over time, CD Studios continued growing and I got to work with all kinds of clients around the country!

In 2017, I was offered a position as the Creative Director at Road To Life Church.
Road To Life is a large and growing church that knows how important and valuable it is to have high-quality creative content. In today’s world, these things are necessary for any organization or business to be able to inform, grow and succeed. The job entailed training creative staff, overseeing projects, and working on a huge range of projects daily. We produced tons of creative content, and we placed a very high emphasis on producing high-quality, professional content for every project. We saw consistent growth and engagement as a direct result of this. I was on staff for about a year, and that gave me the time that I was looking for to learn and grow exponentially in skill-level and administration! I gained valuable experience in every creative area at that job, and I still attend weekly!

But now, I’m back!
CD Studios is my full-time focus again and we’re redefining the industry. We aim to make creative resources for you and your brand more accessible in cost, perfect the client experience, and grow even more; all while continuously pushing forward with new and innovative styles, ideas, and ventures!Christopher

The “CD” is significant.

This isn’t a cookie-cutter process or a choice of limited options, and this is definitely not just some cut-and-paste operation.
The product that you envision, is the product that you will receive. Every project will always stay unique, relevant, and true to the vision of each client.

How CD works.

If you’re in need of any services, have any questions, or would just like some more information, just Get In Touch with me via the best method for you and I’ll get back to you right away! After that, we’ll find the coolest coffee shop in your area and we’ll sit down and chat about your project so that I can get a great sense for your vision, and we can get started right away!

Once I’ve got all the details needed to start your project, we’ll kick this thing into full gear! We’ve got a nifty platform that’ll shoot you a project agreement and handle any invoices so everything from signing, to payments, and even final project delivery can be handled securely and efficiently online! Once the agreement is signed, I can start bringing your vision into reality!

I’ll be in touch during the process so you’re always updated on the status of your project. Once the project is finished, and you’ve approved the proof copy, I’ll deliver the final product. Then you’ll have a new cutting-edge website, a memorable video, awesome graphics, a collection of great images from your photoshoot, or whatever it was that you came to CD Studios for!